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Product Description

Work and Survival Suit Divetex® MED Approval

1. Material
Divetex® is characterized by the following material properties:
• High resistance to cold
• Chemical resistant
• Resistant to highly concentrated acids and alkalis
• Antistatic / color: fluorescent yellow to EN 471
• Absolutely waterproof: water column more than 6 meters
• Flame retardant
• no triangle effect

2. Construction
The work and survival suit is an isolation suit. Lining with Thinsulatevlies®, which has excellent insulating properties against cold.
If you stay for 6 hours in approximately 0 C degrees of cold water, the body temperature drops by no more than 2 C degrees.
In warmer temperatures, the lining can be separated by a zipper.

Layered structure of the suit material
Without the additional reinforcements at the knee, elbow and buttocks, the insulation suit consists of four layers:
1. special coating Divetex®
2. Thinsulate fleece with air pockets
3. lining material

Texture of the suit
- Suit is worn without life jacket
- All seams completely waterproof welded
- Faint-Proof. Special hood with neoprene edging to keep the head above the water
- Safety belt with stainless steel rings
- Inner lining Thinsulate® detachable with zipper
- Safety boot with steel toe and steel sole EN 345
- Knee, buttocks and elbow reinforcement
- Leg zips to extend the legs
- with waterproof thermal gloves
- Side pockets with velcro
- Prismatic reflectors guarantee good visibility
- Signal whistle and flashing light
- Suit is delivered in a pannier


MED/1.6b. SOLAS 74


Suit: MED module B + D (color: EN471)
Safety boots: EN 345
Gloves: EN388 / 374/420/511

Standard size: XL (optional: L. XXL, XXXL)
Boot size: 46 (optional: 43,44,45,47 ..)
Glove size: 10 XLSizes: (optional: 9,11,12)