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Definition SOLAS & MED > What does that mean?


SOLAS stands for "Safety of Life at Sea" and refers to an international convention refers to an international convention of the International Maritime Organisation
Organisation (IMO). SOLAS lays down safety standards that apply to the construction, operation and operation and equipment of ships in order to protect life at sea.
at sea. It contains regulations for various aspects of maritime shipping, including safety equipment, ship design, crew training and more crew training and more.

The "Marine Equipment Directive (MED) is an EU directive that sets standards for the sets standards for the authorisation and use of marine equipment.
The aim of the MED is to ensure safety at sea by requirements for various types of equipment for ships, such as life-saving appliances such as life-saving appliances, fire-fighting equipment, navigation instruments and more.
The MED regulates the approval and labelling of this equipment and ensures that it ensures that it fulfils certain safety standards before it can be used on ships.
they can be used on ships.

In the download area you will find the current guideline from 04.07.2022!